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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I going to video call with my fitness coach for the "Online Coaching"?

- No, for 1-on-1 video call coaching, you need to book a session under "Virtual Personal Training" in the Bookings section. Here, you will have access to the Laystrength Mobile App wherein the Laystrength exercise videos were already built-in, so you can follow it on your own schedule and your own pace.

  • Why choose Laystrength Online Coaching instead of other free fitness apps?

- In Laystrength, you will:


1. Have your own personal coach, unlike with the free fitness apps wherein you will be following generic programs that weren't made for you.

2. Have a credible fitness coach guiding you along the way. You can get a program from other coaches, sure, but when you get a Laystrength coach, you will be certain that they are following a uniform and regulated system made to produce the exact same quality of service and results.

3. Be assured that your progress is monitored. Everything is synced to our system in real-time, and there is a regular review of your progress done by your coach to ensure that you are getting the results for what you are paying for.

  • How long is the program valid when I buy one?

- Buying one program will include a customized program for you that will be good for 1 Phase (4 Weeks).

But that doesn't mean that you can't repeat the program for another month, you can keep the program with you forever. It is your decision if you want a continued progress of your program (Phase 2), and you can cancel anytime. One of our values in Laystrength is no pressure-sales, meaning our main objective is to help our clients, it's your discretion if you want to continue or your monthly programs.

  • How does online coaching work?

- Here's a simple step-by-step process

1. After buying a program and sending your payment, you will receive an email with the link to the Laystrength Assessment Form. This is for us to make sure that the program will work for you. We want to know how we can customize the program for you based on your preference, needs, history, etc.


2. After submitting your assessment form, we will process and customize your program within 3 working days, and then you will receive an exclusive Laystrength Mobile App access to your email within that period. Just click the email and you'll see the link for easily downloading the app and for creating your account.

3. Upon downloading the Laystrength App and signing in, you're ready to go. You will see your Dashboard that includes your progress tracker, your customized program ready to use, your fitness calendar, your in-app messaging with your coach, and a guide on how to use the app if you need further guidance. 

  • What if I am having trouble with the app or I need further assistance? Will I get any support?

- While we have received very few technical problems because the app works seamlessly, you can be assured that we have a support team ready to assist you with anything. Our customer service is available 7-Days a week. Just send an email to, send a text message to +63 936 677 3920, or message us on our Facebook @Laystrength and you'll receive a reply as soon as possible, and within the day.

  • What if the program didn't work? Can I get my money back?

- Yes. Our main priority is client satisfaction. If the program didn't work even after following everything in the program, just send us a proof of you following everything in the program, including videos and pictures, and our customer service staff will reach out to you to analyze your situation and help you with the refund process.

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