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Making Fitness Convenient for You

We will help you reach your goal without you needing to go through Manila and Cebu's traffic. You don't have to sign-up for a gym membership anymore, you don't have to drag yourself out of the house anymore. We will go to you to motivate you to workout.

We're more than trainers delivering sessions. You will also get nutrition guidance from us to speed up your progress. You will also be sure that your program works, because we have a Program Review System to ensure maximum results in minimum time.

Your Fitness, Your Way

You will get the essential factors of having a successful fitness transformation, all in Coach Xpress.

Just show up, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Why online coaching and not personal training?
    Unlike in-person coaching where you will be charged each session for personal training and each session for nutrition coaching, here you will receive unlimited workouts and nutrition guidance with a more affordable fee. This is a great solution if you want to have a great quality personal trainer without breaking the bank.
  • How does online coaching work in Laystrength?
    Your Laystrength coach will customize your program for a month. The program will be adjusted weekly, depending on your feedback and progress. Your coach will also be checking on you weekly to help you stay consistent. This ensures that your program matches your needs and will provide you with the results you want. Unlike other apps or online coaches who will just give you a program for a month, Laystrength will provide you with a complete solution that will help not just with fitness but also with your nutrition. The app is powered to support your targets on any device, making it convenient for you to do your workouts.
  • Can't I just search for videos online?
    You can, but it will not be structured for your personal needs and the workouts cannot be adjusted based on your progress and feedback. You have unique preferences, history, goals, and circumstances. That's why a real coach who will tailor-fit your program just for you, will help you get to your goal faster and more safely.
  • Can I change coach?
    Yes, if you're unhappy with your the coach matched for you, you can easily request to change your coach. Just shoot a message to and we will change your coach based on your requests.
  • Do I need a gym or equipment at home?
    No, your coach will tailor your program based on what you have. If you plan on purchasing some equipment, your coach can adjust your program based on the equipment you'll be having. If you don't want any, you're all good with just a mat and your water bottle with you!
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