Reach your Fitness Goal Online through Tailor-Fit Programs.

Laystrength helps people with the goals of Fat Loss, Toning, Muscle Gain, Strength, and Improved Body Composition through Science-based programs that work faster.

We promote credible and honest fitness coaching because we want you to reach your fitness goal, help you in improving your quality of life, and help boost your confidence.
We are against all the dishonesty in fitness and we want to give you the results and proper coaching you deserve.

Laystrength Online Coaching is for you if:
You want to stop wasting your time in doing random programs, and start seeing results.
You have a gym membership, but you have a busy schedule and want a flexible personal trainer.
You've been trying to lose fat but can't seem to figure out why you're not losing it.
You don't know where to find a coach that has successfully done what you want to achieve.
You've tried different programs and apps but can't find one that has everything you'll need to reach your goal step-by-step.
What People Say
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(Dutch Business Owner/ Athlete)

"The routine and the progression in difficulty of the workout, and the adjustments according to my needs at certain periods of time, really makes me believe in what they are teaching, because there are no ad hoc days, it’s all planned out."

—  Name, Title

Laystrength will provide you with:
Customized programs made to work for your specific needs
Comprehensive guidance and support until you reach your goal
Personal app access just for you so you can have visual, written, and video guides you can follow easily.
Exact explanations and blueprint on how to reach your fitness goal considering any obstacles you're having.
Your real personal coach that you can communicate with, that is 1/3 the price of a personal fitness coach.
A highly qualified fitness trainer in your pocket, anytime and anywhere.
How Online Coaching Works
Step 1: Choose a Package
After you sign up and pay, you’ll receive a fitness assessment form where you can place all your concerns, struggles, and fitness problems you want to be solved.
Step 2: Receive your App Access & Prep Videos
You will shortly receive your app access after payment. Then you will see exclusive videos explaining how to reach your fitness goal, as well as a 15-Minute Intro Workout to reach you the basics of working out.
Step 3: Evaluation of Fitness Struggles
While you're trying out the intro workouts, your coach is in the works of analyzing your situation and concerns, and drafting a custom program that will solve your fitness problems (You will receive the custom program within 1-3 days).
Step 4: Start & Reach your Fitness Goal
Start reaching your fitness goals by following your program in the app, recording your progress, and communicating with your fitness coach for your fitness questions
Step 5: Receive Weekly & Monthly Feedback
To make sure of your progress, your coach will constantly communicate with you weekly, and will compile a monthly progress and feedback for you.
Which Type of Coaching Will Suit you?
Best for those who just wants a customized fitness program but doesn't need much support to guide them along the way.
This works best for people with >3 years of experience in working out.
Best for those who would benefit from having a personal fitness & nutrition coach along the way to know all the tools needed to succeed. Includes a complete fitness transformation program package with a personal fitness coach, personal nutritionist, and a customized fitness and nutrition program.

This works for most people and for beginner to intermediate lifters with <3 years experience in working out, or for people who have plateaued in their fitness progress.
Best for those who would like to have the fastest results.  Here, you will have everything in Silver Pass, plus 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions per month for a closer guidance and immediate feedback from your fitness coach.

This works best for people who have definite dates to reach their goals.
Start Reaching your Goals.
"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change."