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The most comprehensive online coaching that will give you exactly what you need to reach your fitness goal.

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Laystrength Online Coaching is for you if:
You want to stop wasting your time in doing random programs, and start seeing results.
You have a gym membership, but you have a busy schedule and want a flexible personal trainer.
You've been trying to lose fat but can't seem to figure out why you're not losing it.
You don't know where to find a coach that has successfully done what you want to achieve.
You've tried different programs and apps but can't find one that has everything you'll need to reach your goal step-by-step.
Laystrength will provide you with:
Customized programs made to work for your specific needs
Comprehensive guidance and support until you reach your goal
Personal app access just for you so you can have visual, written, and video guides you can follow easily.
Exact explanations and blueprint on how to reach your fitness goal considering any obstacles you're having.
Your real personal coach that you can communicate with, that is 1/3 the price of a personal fitness coach.
A highly qualified fitness trainer in your pocket, anytime and anywhere.
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Kana, Japanese Business Owner

Downloaded several workout apps but didn't know if I was doing the right workout nor did I feel I was progressing. But with Lay's workout program, not only did she customized every single details to my needs but also thoroughly explained the science behind it and why I need each exercise and how I can progress.


Her workout app is very easy to follow with video instructions , can monitor progress and receive monthly reviews. I feel so energized after every workout sessions that makes me sweat a lot but no abnormal pain which I used to experience when I did weights on my own. I feel much stronger and satisfied that I found the right workout program for myself.

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David, Filipino Medicine Student

I lost a lot of pounds (41 lbs in 9 months) and gained muscle mass. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know anything about fitness. In the app, what happens during the exercises were thoroughly explained and I was well informed of the purpose of the sets. With that, I am more motivated to exercise because I know what I am doing. 

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