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Grow your Booty
in 4 Weeks

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Your Booty Builder,

Simplified in One App

No More Guessing

Get the Step-by-Step Process

to Have a Rounder Booty After 12 Weeks.


Easily Follow your Program in the App.

Everything you Need is Put Together for you.

No Expensive Subscriptions

Low One Time Payment for Complete Access to a High Quality Program, Made with Science.

Don't Settle for Less when you Deserve the Best.

Think about it:

You'll spend hours looking for YouTube videos of booty exercises, not knowing if it will work.

You’ll do a booty routine, but you will not be taught how to modify it, or why you're doing it.

You’ll get frustrated with no results, and develop some pain in the back because you didn’t start with the right foundations.

This will go on and on for months until you end up feeling frustrated, wondering what you were doing wrong.

In The Glute Builder Program, Everything was Put Together for you.

Here's what You'll Get:

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Your Glute Builder Program that Starts Based on your Fitness Level

Month 1 - Booty Foundations (4 Weeks)

Learn the basics and the 3 things you need to succeed in rounding up your booty muscles

Month 2 - Booty Progressions (4 Weeks)

Learn the progressions of your Phase 1 to have a continuous progress & grow your booty even more


Month 3 - Booty Peak (4 Weeks)

Level up your booty shape by pushing your booty muscles to round up at its peak, and see significant results after the last week


Experience Hassle-Free Workouts with Easy Instructional Videos

Click play to see a sample of an instructional video that you'll see before your workouts, and see for yourself!

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Track your Progress & Follow your Workouts Easily with a 12-Week App Access

Have the convenience of following your Glute Builder using your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can even connect it to your smart watch so you can track your steps and heart rate easily.


Know Everything you'll Need to Succeed through the Free Copy of The Glute Builder eBook

Succeed by having the best information in booty building. The Glute Builder eBook includes all the knowledge you'll need in booty building, with a separate file focused on teaching you the 4 steps on how to get toned or have more shape through the right nutrition strategies.


You'll also receive access to our calories calculator so you can find out how much you should be eating per day to get toned.

If you'll look everywhere else, we're sure you won't find anything with this much value put together for a one time payment of 999 php/ month.


This was made with the best scientific research available right now, and we've placed this much value for what you’re paying because we know that you need all of these to succeed in a program and one without the other will not set you up for success.


You deserve to get the results you want for what you're paying.


Start your 12-Week Glute Builder Program with us in this program and have a rounder booty after 12 Weeks.



You can pick from Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Level & you'll have all the tools you'll need to adjust the exercises based on your preferences.

What if the exercises are too easy or too hard?

What will happen after I complete my purchase?

You'll receive these in your email:

Confirmation of your purchase
Welcome Kit to help you get started
Free Glute Builder eBook
Free Nutrition Guide
App Access that includes your 12-Week Glute Builder Program 

When can I start my program after I purchase it? Can I adjust my workout days?

Your program will start on the upcoming Monday. But, you can start anytime you want by simply dragging the workout to your preferred day. There will be a quick app walkthrough once you purchase so you don't have to worry about it.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong or I need assistance?

We have a very responsive customer service, just email and we'll assist you. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram @laystrength

Is there someone who can check my form for me so I can know if I'm doing it right?

Aside from the detailed written guides in the app and the clear video demos that you'll follow, for quick form checks simply tag @laystrength on your Facebook/ Instagram stories and we'll give you a feedback on your form.

What if I also want to get toned? Will this program help?

Yes, this is why we included the Free Glute Builder eBook because not only does it include everything you need for booty building,  it also includes guides on how to lose or gain weight, and how to get toned with simple nutrition guides. 

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All Rights Reserved.

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