How a Busy Medicine Student Lost 41 Pounds in 9 Months

Despite the busy schedule and zero background in exercise, here's how David reached his fitness goal.

For at least once in your life, I'm pretty sure you had this common New Year's Resolution of getting in shape for the year but for so many years now, you usually find yourself giving up by February. Don't worry, you're not alone.

While it might be your lack of real intrinsic motivation at times, it might also be because you think you are doing the right things, but then you end up getting frustrated and blaming your metabolism or genetics because you don't know what went wrong.

I can't fully blame you, with all the misinformations out there, it is truly confusing and hard to know what really works and what doesn't. In Laystrength, we do our best to spread the information on what works and what doesn't in fitness. This post will give you an idea on how we do this.

Here's how David reached his fitness goals without any injuries, with the help of personalized and science-based methods by Laystrength.

David's Day 1
David's Day 1

Before the Program

Before starting, we did a thorough assessment that considered everything including his time availability being a Medicine student, his stress levels at times, his exercise history, his perceived obstacles, and other relevant things that will have a huge factor in his progress and the program to be created for him.

The exercise intensity and the exercise selection process was made specifically for him based on the initial assessment. For example, he can't fully extend his arms overhead and he can't lockout his elbows during pushing movements, his upper body strength was low and he couldn't do even the easiest version of the Push Up exercise (Inclined Push Up/ Kneeling Push Up). He didn't have good movement patterns, and got tired easily.

Month #1

During the first month, we focused on exercising alone since it will still yield enough results upon initial assessment. We took this opportunity to build a good foundation and master the exercise techniques for the upcoming progressions of the exercises, which will be needed to ensure continuous progress.

We also took this opportunity to make sure that he will not develop any injury or pain during the entire program.