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The Program Made to Grow your Booty

While Getting Toned 

No Matter Where you are Right Now.

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Program and eBook will be out this August.

Have you been trying to workout on your own using YouTube videos, by following exercises you've seen online, or by doing "routines" supposed to get you abs and bigger butt in 4 weeks?

Or maybe you've been wanting to start a fitness journey, but don't really know which way to go because there are so many choices out there and you're not confident that you can reach your goal on your own.

Maybe, you're an advanced lifter, but along the way you've hit this plateau and you just don't know how to progress anymore. You've been doing the same thing over and over again and you can't see enough progress anymore.

Whichever you are among the three, this is the program made to grow your booty while getting toned. The best part is: It doesn't matter if you have a full home gym, just a dumbbell and a band, or just your bodyweight.

This is a program made to help you start from where you are right now and make you look toned with a bigger butt in those yoga pants, jeans, and make you look stunning in those swimsuit pictures when you go out with your friends at the beach.


#1: They don't really work. Are you satisfied with your booty development right now?

#2: They don't educate you. You have no idea what you're doing, so you're just "trusting the process"

#3: It doesn't progress correctly. This is one of the biggest reasons why you lack enough progress

#4: It's hard to follow online because there's just an image and text description

#5: No solid proof of why it will work (In other words, it's all guessed)

Hold up, let me quickly introduce myself.

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Coach Lay

Personal coach to executives & CEOs, former Performance Specialist in Philippine Sports Commission & SEA Games 2019, Online coach to hundreds, Founder of Laystrength, Lecturer in corporate fitness

I'm Coach Lay Mijares and I founded this company, Laystrength, 3  years ago because I'm fed up with unqualified people offering fitness programs and just going after people's money. I want to give people the results they deserve by offering the truth and the best quality of programs when it comes to fitness.

I created this Glute Builder program specifically in addition to the current services because I often see girls guys and gays doing random booty exercises in the gym and online, or coaches calling themselves booty experts when they don't even know how Glute growth happens and what the Glute anatomy is.


I studied Glute growth very well using the best sources when it comes to muscle and booty growth, plus I actually have a four-year bachelor's degree studying the science of fitness and sports, not just a 2-week "certification" to call myself a "coach". At this moment, I've already successfully helped hundreds of personal clients on fat loss, muscle growth, and improving body composition. I'm here to help you in this program to finally know what it really takes to grow your booty while toning your body.

Let's do this!


I hate to break it to you, but growing your booties will take more than countless squats or mini band exercises, and doing a random program will only give you random results. Why risk wasting your time and effort when you can be certain that you're doing the correct program?

You see, your booty muscles are complex muscles and it takes more than just a random program to grow them they way you want them to look. Especially if you want to do this while improving your overall tone in your body.

But, you don't have to guess anymore. Everything you need to know is in this program and all the exercises you should do will all be here.


From our different programs of Fat Loss, Toning, Booty Building, and Rehab,

we've had terrific feedback from our clients like these ones below.

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CHRISTINA (Dutch Athlete/ Business Owner)

The routine within the progression in difficulty of the workout and adjust according to my needs at certain periods of time really makes me believe in what they're teaching, because there are no ad hoc days, it’s all planned out.


DAVID (Filipino Med Student)

I lost a lot of pounds and gained muscle mass. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know anything about fitness. In the app, what happens during the exercises were thoroughly explained and I was well informed of the purpose of the sets. With that, I am more motivated to exercise because I know what I am doing. 


KANA (Japanese Business Owner)

I feel so energized after every workout sessions that makes me sweat a lot but no abnormal pain which I used to experience when I did weights on my own. I feel much stronger and satisfied that I found the right workout program for myself.


RAM (Filipino Dancesport Coach/ Athlete)

I did not have any reservations prior to starting because my partner had already started and was very positive about the training. I find that the program is a long term improvement plan rather than a quick fix.


MARCO (Filipino Businessman)

Around 2 years ago, I had a partial tear on my left knee (ACL) due to circuit training. Fortunately, I didn't have to undergo surgery according to my doctor and focus on having low impact exercises. When the pain returned, I tried out the customized fitness program of Lay Mijares who is a Sports Science Coach. She was able to improve the balance of my legs and lessened my knee pain. 


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3 Phases for 3 Month's Worth of Progressive Workouts Based from your Fitness Level

Access to Laystrength App for 3 Months for Easy Guidance in your Phone 

Lifetime Access to your 12-Week Program (Keep the Copy of your Program)

100+ Glute Exercise Variations with Video Demos & Text Description


The Glute Builder eBook to Know Everything you Need About Booty Growth

Simplified Version of Educational Tools that even 90% of Trainers Didn't Know About in Glute Building

Know what it Really Takes to Succeed in Having a Round Butt while Getting Toned

Answers to the Questions you Have About Booty Sculpting and Toning


#1: You'll finally understand what it really takes to have that booty you've always wanted

#2: You'll get a well-constructed program carefully crafted to bring you results

#3: You will progress based on your current level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)

#4: You will have an easy time following it online because it's in an app with complete videos, description, and progress tracker

#5: There's a solid proof on why the methods will work because it's based on current booty researches  worldwide

So, how much does the Glute Builder Program cost?

To give you an idea, if you are to work with me in person, I would charge an average of 4,000 - 7,000 an hour. That is, if you are lucky enough to have a slot because I only take 30 personal clients maximum.

The program is three phases (good for three months), so if we were to do this in person, you would be looking at a minimum of 144,000 to 252,000. If you'll ask my personal clients, who are mostly executives or international athletes, they'd tell you that this is an accurate estimate. Cost aside, to make this happen, you'd have to make sure our schedules are aligned in the perfect way. 

But, with the Glute Builder Program, all the work is done for you. All you have to do is to follow your program, at your own pace.

If I'll sell these separately, The Glute Builder eBook will cost at least 1,299 php, and the 3-month online program in the Laystrength App will cost 10,497 php giving a total of 11,796 php.

But, because I want to get this to the hands of more people so more people will experience the difference of training with Science and high quality of fitness programming, for the first time I will offer this at the lowest rate possible during the Pre-Sale period.

You will get all three phases of the Glute Builder Program for only 1,149 php in this Pre-Sale if you make it to the 500 purchase cut-off.

This is a limited time offer that will not be here anymore after the first 500 purchases. If you know me or if you ask people who know me, they'll tell you that I stick to my words and I'm always honest with my clients. If the link is not working anymore when you decide to get back to it later, it means the 500 purchases were already made.

Go on an start growing your booty, start getting toned, and look terrific every day.


Get all these for only 1,149 php if you Pre-Order Today.

(40% Off the Launch Price) 

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Lifetime Access to the Copy of your 12-Week Glute Builder Program

12-Week Access to the Laystrength App to Easily See the Exercise Video Guides, Description, and to Track your Progress Week by Week

Free eBook of The Glute Builder: A Complete Guide on How to Effectively Grow your Booty

Program and eBook will be out this July.

To help you out, here's the answer to Frequently Asked Questions:

Can't I just Google this? - Sure, you can. But good luck sorting out what works and which ones are trash. It took me 8 years and thousands of pages just to figure that one out. You also have to figure out how to perform the exercises effectively, and determine how to progress in a way that will not waste your time and instead lead to a proper mix of growing your booty , all without growing your thighs too much, and while having a toned body. 

How do I know it's worth it? - Considering the price, it's relatively so much cheaper than the other option which is to be trained by me in person. The price is so cheap compared to the value you will be getting once you buy it. Because once you buy this program, you'll have all the answers to your problem of growing your booty while so many people never figure this out in their lifetime because of too much scams and unqualified fitness "coaches" selling low quality stuff, or because of textbooks that majority can't understand because they're usually written in a complex manner. My credibility is something I won't exchange for little cash. If you don't know about Laystrength, the whole core value of the company is to promote science-based fitness, help clients to reach their goal efficiently, and eliminate misinformation in the fitness industry. 

What if the exercises are too advanced? - You get to keep the program forever. You'll have all the time to work on your own pace. There are also easier options for the exercises per phase in the Glute Builder e-Book so I can meet you where you are. This is for all skill levels. 

What if the exercises are too easy? - You don't have to worry about this, there are so many progressions and exercises per phase in the Glute Builder e-Book challenging enough for average lifters, and you can start based on your fitness level. 

Why do I even care about growing my booty? - If you're here, you obviously care enough already to grow it. So many women, men, and queers, want to grow their behind for aesthetic purposes or to feel more confident every day, at the beach, when taking pictures, and for so many other reasons. Plus, your Glutes are one of the most important muscles in the body. This program will not only help you to grow your booties, it will also have some upper body exercises because you'll also need it to effectively grow your booties, giving you a balance of a toned body with a great booty.

You can get all these in just one click.

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So, now your questions have been answered. Are you still on the fence? 

How about this, in the unlikely event the you are unsatisfied with the Glute Builder, I will make you a guarantee.

If you don't like it, I will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 

P.S. if you wait, you will pay more. The price will likely go up within a week.

Don't miss out, get the Glute Builder for only 1,149 today.

You need something new if you really want to change your life.

Questions? Just email

Note: The Glute Builder is a digital product. No physical products will be shipped. After your purchase, an email will be sent to you to get your access to the Laystrength App and see your whole program. An E-book of The Glute Builder will also be delivered to your email, ready for you to download.

Laystrength is a registered company under the Department of Trade and Industries located at Suite 1508, The One Executive Office Building, 5 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.

Obligatory disclaimer: The FTC requires us to specify what “typical” results are. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. BUT, for those who actually USE the program, all of the success stories featured above are very typical in terms of results.

Lay Mijares is not a physician. The contents of this product or website should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem – nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. By participating in this workout program, you agree that Lay Mijares shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries to you resulting from your participation in this workout program (whether at home, at a health club, or anywhere else).


Privacy Policy

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