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Why get a Laystrength Personal Trainer?

Achieve your goal faster and eliminate guess work in your workouts. Even high-level athletes and high-profile celebrities get qualified personal trainers. Laystrength will provide you with highly educated and certified personal trainers who will give you the results that you want.

Get the quality of what you're paying for. All coaches have a bachelor degree in Sports Science - a four year course focused on research and scientific practices in sports, fitness, health, and rehabilitation . The coaches are also trained to reach the standards of Laystrength.

Your coach will adjust to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Busy and got changing schedules? You have the freedom of adjusting your personal training sessions weekly, and re-schedule it even at least 6 hours prior to your workout.

You can workout anywhere you want. Busy and don't have the time to go to the gym? Don't like the vibes of commercial gyms? Your coach will go directly to your condo or house and bring everything you will need (including equipment if you do not have one).

You will be safe and secured when getting Laystrength Personal Trainers. We get the necessary clearances (NBI, police, health, certificates) from our trainers, monitor them and their performance, and make sure that they are performing well to the clients and giving them results.

We will give you everything that you need to know to reach the goals you want within the timeframe you want. Based on the trainers' combined experiences and the available evidence all around the world, we will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you will need to finally reach the goal that you want.


Experience a fast booking process. Simply tap and book below for a coach to arrive 3-5 hours on the same day, or have the ease of tracking your booking through our partner AIDE APP. Just book a coach in the wellness section and experience a seamless booking experience.

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What Our Clients Say

Kana Evangelista.jpg


Business Owner

(Bonifacio Global City)

With Lay's workout program, not only did she customized every single details to my needs but also thoroughly explained the science behind it and why I need each exercise and how I can progress.

I feel so energized after every workout sessions that makes me sweat a lot but no abnormal pain which I used to experience when I did weights on my own. I feel much stronger and satisfied that I found the right workout program for myself.

David Maano.jpg


Medicine Student

(Quezon City)

I lost a lot of pounds (41 lbs) and gained muscle mass which enable me to be more physically active.

Ineexplain ng maigi kung ano nangyayari sa exercise and more of mas well informed ako sa purpose nung sets. With that, mas nagkakagana ako mag-exercise kasi alam ko ginagawa ko.

Christina S.jpg


Athlete/ Business Owner

(Marikina City)

I have lost 16kg this far, I see toning in my back and arms, I’m able to do proper push ups, situps, and other weight trainings without body strain .

The continuous emphasis on correct form and her dedication to keep on a workout schedule , the routine within the progression in difficulty of the workout and adjust according to my needs at certain periods of time really makes me believe in what she is teaching, because there Are no ad hoc days, it’s all planned out.

Who is it for?

Young Athletes






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