Why do random fitness classes, when you can select what will work for your employees?

Your company is unique. Choose what will work for you and make sure you are getting the results from what you are paying for.

Why choose our Corporate Wellness Services?


We want the programs to work for you. We are a one-stop shop providing  high quality services for fitness, nutrition, and mental health of your workplace.


We're not a fan of random prescriptions. We want the programs to be customized for your company's needs, and what your employees really want to achieve.


We monitor the actual progress of your employees to make sure they are getting better. We use this data to improve the upcoming weeks' programs to make sure that there will be  great results.


Got an office gym? We'll integrate Virtual Personal Training customized for your facility so your employees can maximize the gym. No worries for companies without gyms, we have no-equipment Virtual Personal Training Programs as well.

Our Corporate Wellness Services


Office Fitness Classes designed to produce results the individuals/ group wants that can be done with or without an office gym. (Ex: A group wanting to lose weight, a group of certain age, an individual wanting to rehabilitate pain in the knee, an individual wanting a toned body and improved health, etc.) 


Is you company suffering losses from absenteeism, lack of productivity, and huge healthcare costs? With our workshops and seminars, we address what your company really needs to fix with regards to health and fitness, so you can be certain that your employees are on their top health and productivity levels. 


Got an office gym but majority of your employees don't really know how to use it? Let us integrate Virtual Personal Training customized for your gym's equipment, with built-in programs designed specially for your company and employees' requests. No office gym? Give your employees an option to get no-equipment-required fitness programs instead. 


Want a full health package but can't find a company that offers it? Laystrength provides everything that you will need to make sure that you have the best health programs suitable for your company. Get access to nutritionists, psychologists, fitness coaches, and doctors all in one place. 

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